The Technical Committee serves as a resource for members to stay informed about technical issues related to ITS both in and out of Florida. The subcommittee gives consultants, contractors, educators, students, governments, and manufacturer representatives the ability to discuss existing or new technical standards and products that are used in the industry. The goal of the subcommittee is to have a conference call and/or webinar at least quarterly in order to keep our membership apprised of the latest technology, the usefulness of that technology, share lessons learned, and educate them on the ever-changing technical aspects of our field in Florida.

The Outreach Committee is responsible for providing information about the organization to our members and partner agencies. The Outreach Committee helps manage the website and publicizes the society’s work through FDOT’s SunGuide Disseminator Newsletter and other mediums. They also brief legislators, transportation leaders, MPO’s, and local governments about ITS initiatives. Additionally, the committee manages the yearly scholarship awards given to students of member universities and recognizes people and projects with ITS Florida Awards who have made significant contributions to the industry.

The Continuing Education Committee develops training for our members to attend and enhance their professional development. The Continuing Education  Committee also develops partnerships to create and deliver educational courses as well as administers the courses for members’ and non-members’ employees.

The Event Committee is responsible for planning conferences and meetings to provide a forum for members to share expertise and ideas with other professionals and peers. The Events Committee plans the very successful biennial Transpo ITS Conference, and other members’ networking events. The Events Committee maintains a master calendar of ITS events in Florida and throughout the country.

The Management Committee reviews programs and projects of the society in the context of ITS Florida mission and vision. The Management Committee is the group of officers that manages our organization. They review the quarterly financial reports for the society, develop the annual budget and review governance issues on behalf of the Board.

The Member Services Committee handles membership, benefits, awards and scholarships.