ITS Florida Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee is responsible for the publications, legislative education, website and event support.

  • Publications

The Publications Subcommittee seeks opportunities for articles and stories about ITS, identifies potential authors for those articles, and follows up to make sure the publication receives our submission. Monthly, an article is published in the SunGuideTM DISSEMINATOR in a designated section for ITS Florida. In addition, ITS Florida publishes a monthly newsletter of current news of the Chapter. The articles submitted for the SunGuideTM DISSEMINATOR are also included in the monthly newsletter. ITS Florida publishes an annual calendar showcasing pictures of ITS projects and important dates of ITS events. There is a photo contest that is held to select the top photo submissions to include in the calendar. This effort is led by the Outreach Committee.

  • Legislative Outreach

The Legislative Outreach Subcommittee provides information to elected officials about intelligent transportation initiatives and their benefits. The Committee makes speakers available to groups who want to know more about ITS. The Legislative Outreach Subcommittee tracks the elections to determine which elected officials are in key positions and their position on transportation-related issues. Outreach is conducted by meeting with the Florida Transportation Commission and other means to keep an active pulse on legislative affairs. The Legislative Outreach Subcommittee develops and refreshes educational literature as needed for these types of meetings.

  • Website

The Website Subcommittee has been busy redesigning the ITS Florida website to bring it up to speed with the current needs of ITS Florida members. In normal circumstances, the Website Subcommittee would be responsible for submitting edits and updates to the Webmaster. 

  • Events Support

The Outreach Committee supports the Events Committee with any upcoming events that they request assistance with. Some of these regular events are meetings such as the ITS Florida Annual Meeting, Annual Retreat, Transpo or any other scheduled event.