ITS Florida Mission Statement

The Intelligent Transportation Society of Florida promotes safe and efficient transportation by delivering nation leading innovation, information, advocacy and interest in ITS solutions for our members, policy makers, industry leaders and Florida’s diverse population, visitors and commercial  enterprises.

ITS Florida Goals:

ITS Florida goals and the committee(s) responsible for implementing the goals are grouped into “external goals” and “internal goals”.

External Goals

  • Advocate ITS on behalf of our members (Outreach).
  • Provide the premier forum for ITS information exchange among public, private and academic sectors (Events).
  • Partner with other transportation associations (Member Services/Events).
  • Promote the development and expansion of ITS markets (Outreach).
  • Provide members with information on current ITS markets and opportunities (Outreach).
  • Develop and support guiding principles for the planning, implementation and operation of ITS (Advisory).
  • Promode collaboration among ITS stakeholders (Outreach).
  • Advise the FDOT ITS program on ITS issues (Advisory).

Internal Goals

  • Maintain a strong chapter structure (Management).
  • Maintain financial stability in all accounts (Management).
  • Expand membership (Member Services/Outreach).
  • Provide services responsive to member needs (Member Services).
  • Facilitate effective PCB/training (PCB).
  • Engage membership in chapter activities (Member Services/Outreach).
  • Show leadership in regional and national ITS activities (Events/Outreach).