ITS Florida awards recognize deserving individuals, projects or organizations.  The awards may include ITS FL Member of the Year, ITS Professional of the Year, ITS FL President’s Award, ITS FL Champion, and Certificate of Outstanding Achievement.

ITS FL Member of the Year Award:

This award is to recognize an ITS program, project, or other accomplishments that is of significant benefit to the transportation industry and to the traveling public during this calendar year. The award can be for any public or private sector member of ITS Florida. The primary criteria for award consideration are that the work provides (is providing) improved transportation for Floridians.

The criteria for the nomination and selection are: 1) the work is completed or about to be operational by our annual meeting (ITS 3C, Transpo, etc.); 2) the work is of major significance to improve transportation in Florida; 3) the work is a major innovation in any aspect of ITS; or 4) the work is of state or national significance.

ITS Professional of the Year Award:

This award is to recognize that person, or persons (although generally one person per year), who has contributed significantly to the ITS community during the calendar year. The person nominated should be noted for contributing to the ITS mission/ goals of ITS FL.

The criteria for this award include: 1) the person has contributed to ITS mission; 2) person has been instrumental in project management, project completion, project planning, development of planning, financial, or other strategies; and 3) person has had a key role in some significant program or project, which may include activities of ITS Florida itself.

ITS FL President’s Award:

This individual award recognizes superior career achievements in ITS and extraordinary service to ITS Florida. This award may not be awarded annually. This is the ITS FL’s highest award, and it should be given only for truly superlative performance and accomplishment.

ITS Champion Award:

This award may be given to an individual (ITS FL member or not) who has made significant contributions to advance the cause of ITS in Florida. The award is given only for rare and conspicuous service.

Certificate of Outstanding Achievement:

This is an “open-ended” class of awards that may be given by ITS Florida for outstanding service by individuals or organizational units. Past awards have been given for individuals who have performed superior service as, for example, chairs of ITS FL conferences, to FDOT districts for deploying new, integrated RTMC’s, and for individuals who have provided outstanding service, such as volunteers serving ITS conferences.