Certificate of Outstanding Achievement recipients:

2017 - Tushar Patel

In recognition of his management of the D5 RTMC construction project.

2017 - FDOT Traffic Engineering And Operations Office 

In recognition of implementing emergency shoulder use during Hurricane IRMA.

2017 - FDOT District Four 

In recognition of transformation of ‘video wall’ into ‘information wall’.

2017 - FDOT District Six 

In recognition of expansion of the Operations Task Manager (OTM) software.

2016 - Florida Department of TransportationDistrict 4

Florida Department of Transportation, District 4, received the Outstanding Achievement Award for the Development of a Mobile Maintenance and Inventory Management Systems (MIMS).

2016 - Russell Allen

Russell Allen, Department of Transportation, Central Office, was the recipient of an Outstanding Achievement Award for his role in the FDOT Data Integration and Video Aggregation System (DIVAS) and 511 System.

2015 - FDOT District Four with Florida International University

The Outstanding Achievement was awarded to FDOT District Four in partnership with Florida International University (FIU) in the development of a traffic data simulator designed and developed to generate real-time traffic sensor data that is representative of actual traffic flows in express lanes segments.

2015 - FDOT District Six

The FDOT District Six Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Office was awarded an Outstanding Achievement for the control room redesign of the regional Transportation Management Center (TMC) to improve its internal workflow and enhance the traffic services it provides South Florida drivers on a daily basis.

The retrofit remained on budget and was completed within the 60-day contract period without affecting the traffic service drivers depend on a daily basis. The results of this redesign show that the District understands the varying factors that can influence operations and how they can be improved to increase quality output. It demonstrates the District’s commitment to creating multi-pronged and innovative solutions that promote the program’s ability to increase the safety and mobility of our highways. To communicate the benefits of this effort to the public, our end users, the District also created an electronic marketing kit that included a time-lapse video, a press release, and a fact sheet. The kit was well-received and it helped to showcase the ITS Program as the public resource in which partner agencies, drivers and the community at large benefits from.

2015 - FDOT Central Office

The FDOT Central Office was awarded the Certificate of Outstanding Achievement for its data sharing partnership with Waze. This partnership provides for free data sharing. The purpose of the agreement allowed both parties to use and publish data received from each other. They also agreed to provide attribution to the other party when publishing their information.

This partnership provides a cost-effective way to incorporate a new, needed traffic incident data source into the SunGuide software as well as letting the Waze mobile app be an additional traveler information distribution chan