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Transportation policies are of major importance in ITS. Legislative policies often impact the growth of our industry and is why ITS Florida is committed to keeping you up to date on the latest news about this topic.


2016 SUMMARY OF LEGISLATION PASSED (Committee on Transportation)

HB – 7027 Department of Transportation


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House TED Committee



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2009 Legislative Session

Senate Bill 2320 revises requirements for approval of agreements between the DOT and private entities for the building, operation, ownership, or financing of transportation facilities.

It also requires a public-private partnership to provide certain financial benefits to the state and the counties where any tolls are collected or where the facility is located. It provides requirements for selection of funding improvement projects on the State Highway System, etc.

Attached you will find the directories issued by the Florida House of Representatives and Senate. You will find these useful in your efforts to reach your elected officials in Tallahassee. Legislators are currently holding committee meetings leading up to the beginning of the Legislative Session on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009. The Session runs for 60 days. Now is a good time to begin contacting the members regarding your specific areas of concern. Take advantage of the House and Senate websites, where you can research bills and keep updated on the latest action:

House of Representatives