Anne Brewer Academic Scholarships Recipients:

2018 - Aschkan Omidvar

Mr. Aschkan “Ash” Omidvar was the recipient of the first place scholarship award in 2018. Ash is a PhD student with the department of Civil and Coastal Engineering and MS student at the department of Statistics at the University of Florida. His academic background includes Industrial and Systems Engineering and Data Science. Mr. Omidvar has worked on multiple DOT and NSF funded projects. His current research includes (1) real-time signalized intersection optimization in the presence of conventional, connected and automated vehicles, (2) freeway merge operation optimization to optimize the trajectory of automated vehicles in a mixed traffic condition, (3) I-STREET testbed R&D.

Mr. Ash Omidvar has been involved with ITS and ITE for more than 4 years. He has served as the president and VP of Gator ITE, the student chapter at the University of Florida. He also founded the Student Leadership Summit (SLS) in ITE district 10 and was involved in the creation of an ITE student chapter in Florida.

2017 - Samaneh Khazraeian

Samaneh Khazraeian, Florida International University was awarded first place for her research work in ITS as she works to complete her PhD program in civil engineering. She has several published papers and is a former president of the FIU Women in Transportation Society (WTS) and is currently leading the Transportation You program. Samaneh has won many awards.

2017 - Leila Azizi

Leila Azizi, Florida International University was second place for her work on completing her PhD.

2017 - Adekunle Adebisi

Adekunle Adebisi, Florida A&M University — Florida State University, College of Engineering

2016 - Mr. Amir Ghiasi 

Mr. Amir Ghiasi was the recipient of the first place scholarship award. Mr. Ghiasi is a PhD candidate at the University of South Florida. Along with ITE involvement, he currently leads two research tasks on Connected Automated Vehicles (CAV). The first task, sponsored by the FHWA Turner Fairbank Research Center, aims to utilize CAVs to achieve speed harmonization before a freeway bottleneck. He has helped them develop the core CAV trajectory control algorithm, which has been implemented in their full scale test CAVs and will be tested on public roads. The second task, sponsored by National Science Foundation, is to proposed traffic smoothing methods based on CAV trajectory control in mixed traffic on various geometries and highway types. His advisor noted that Mr. Ghiasi has done an excellent job in analyzing human-driven vehicle trajectory behaviors and is in the process of integrating human driving trajectories with the developed CAV control methods.

2016 - Mr. Whobi Bin Chung 

Mr. Whobi Bin Chung was awarded the second place scholarship. Mr. Chung is a PhD candidate at the University of Central Florida. Mr. Chung has more than ten years of experience with ITS Korea. His advisor describes him as, “one of the outstanding PhD students that I have supervised during my over 20-year academic career”

2015 - Ms. Fartash 

Ms. Fartash was the recipient of the first place scholarship award. She is in the United States to study for her PhD at Florida International University and is currently a Graduate Assistant.  To illustrate the broad base of her experience, prior to coming to the US, while still working on her Masters, she was employed at Rahbord Taraddod (RTF) Consulting Engineering Co, Tehran, Iran.  One of her interesting and informative projects was, the “Reduction of Traffic Air and Noise Pollution in Tehran Using Innovative Technologies and Intelligent Transportation Systems.”

Since beginning her studies at FIU, she has authored several high level studies, including one entitled, “Utilization the HCM Urban Facility Procedures for the Estimation and Real-Time Prediction of Travel Time with Consideration of Rain Impacts.” which was presented to the Transportation Research Board.  She is highly recommended by her professors and maintaining a distinguished academic performance.

2015 - Md. Shahadat Iqbai 

Md. Shahadat Iqbai (FIU) (tie for second) Prior to coming to the US, he was a Research Engineer at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. His main project was the “Development of a Microscopic Traffic Simulator with Mixed Traffic Simulation Capability for Evaluation of Alternative Transport Options for Dhaka City.

Currently, he serves as a Research Assistant and Teaching Assistant at FIU, working on his PhD. His current body of work includes projects such as, “Decision Support Systems for Transportation System Management and Operations (TSM&O)” and “Framework to Support Transportation Agency ITS Infrastructure and ITS Legacy Decisions with Consideration of Connected Vehicle Deployment and Autonomous Vehicle and Automated Vehicle Initiatives.

2015 - Mohsen Parsafard 

Mohsen Parsafard (tie for second) is a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of South Florida working on his Dissertation for his Doctorate. In addition to the dissertation, he is working on few different projects funded by National Science Foundation and local-level agencies (e.g., state DOTs) such as: “The Mobility and Safety of Walk-and -Ride Systems”, “Interdependent Facility Location Design with Probabilistic Disruptions” and “TimeGeography-Based Mobility Measures for Geo-tagged Twitter Data.”

One of his most recent projects is a paper published in Transportation Research Part B, entitled, “Stop-and-go traffic analysis: Theoretical properties,

2015 - Trang Luong

Trang Luong (USF Master’s Candidate) was awarded third place.  According to Ms.Luong’s professors, she is an outstanding student,with strong analytical skills, exemplary work ethic, high levels of energy and enthusiasm,and a laser focus on advancing her professional career. She has taken every opportunity to either intern or volunteer on different research projects, both at the University of South Florida as well as outside the university, including an internship in Germany (for which she learned German prior to going). Her resume includes an impressive set of awards she has received, including winner of 2014 American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) New Faces of Civil Engineering and the USF only “Most Outstanding Student for the Class of 2015.”

Her story is truly one of sacrifice and challenges met and exceeded.