September 16, 2019
12:00 - 1:00 pm

District Six Expands Arterial Management Operations, Completes Monroe County Traffic Signal and Devices System in Florida Keys and Looks to Next Steps!

The presenters are:

  • Cherie Rodriguez, MPA, E.I. Senior Engineer Trainee, FDOT District Six

  • Isabel Hernandez, FMS / AMS Specialist III, FDOT District Six

FDOT District Six is expanding its arterial management program and recently completed its first year operating and maintaining the traffic signal system in the Florida Keys.

The District began the project July 2018 and marked the first time it assumed operations of an arterial signal system from local municipality. It worked for more thaan a year preparing for his launch and developed an operational continuity plan to eensure a successful transition and ensure zero down time for area drivers. This presentation will go over the steps taken to assume operations, including field equipment upgrades, adding new software and coordinating with local stakeholders. It will also go over lessons learned and the upcoming arterial projects being planned for Miami-Dade and Monroe County.

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