Erika Birosak Training and Certification Scholarship Recipients:

2015 - Ms. Lisa Yttri

Ms. Lisa Yttri (Manatee County) – Ms. Yttri has progressively enhanced her level of knowledge with the network administration for the Regional Traffic Management Center (RTMC). Using good problem solving skills, Lisa performs technical, professional and analytical project work in the administration of the RTMC computer application environment.

Recently, Ms. Yttri helped in the implementation of a complete functional Backup Traffic Management Center, added to the existing RTMC network.

Ms. Yttri is currently assisting in the implementation of the proposed University Parkway fiber optic connectivity and Adaptive Traffic Control System projects; she is also assisting Manatee County with the installation and configuration of the BlueTOAD.  This award will help Lisa attain her certification as a, “Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA),” in Windows Server 2012.