RTMC Operator III

Organization : Iteris, Inc.

Job Title: RTMC Operator III

Job Description : Monitoring traffic status; Managing events and congestion; Dispatching Road Rangers; Detecting, confirming and tracking equipment faults; Coordinating with other operations staff; and Informing Emergency Services on Traffic Events.

Requirements: The RTMC Operator III will have a minimum of one year of experience as an Operator II in the RTMC. Experience in a facility similar to the RTMC may suffice to meet this requirement.

Additional Job Information : More details at https://recruiting.ultipro.com/ITE1000ITEIN/JobBoard/df7d6d02-e9b0-4999-aa84-c6a532219086/OpportunityDetail?opportunityId=1e8c14ca-1d2b-46ff-b448-86db6a61742d