2018 Events 

ITS5C Summit

More than 750 transportation professionals from across the U.S. came together in early October in Jacksonville, Florida, for the ITS5C Summit. The Summit was jointly sponsored by the five southeastern ITS Chapters, representing eight states – Gulf Region ITS, ITS Carolinas, ITS Florida, ITS Georgia and ITS Tennessee.

“The ITS5C Summit is one of the largest gatherings of transportation professionals focused on Smart Cities, connected vehicle and intelligent transportation solutions,” said Jay Calhoun, chairman of the ITS5C Summit organizing committee. “Our theme, Coming Together to Address the Challenge of Connecting Cars, Communities and Citizens, captures both the issues and solutions for creating a safer, smarter and more efficient surface transportation system for our citizens.”

The opening Keynote address was given by ITS America CEO and President Shailen Bhatt who challenged the local leaders to keep innovating and keep the U.S. in the forefront of developing and implementing intelligent transportation solutions.

“(ITS) technology is there for us to help achieve our vision of a better world transformed by intelligent mobility – one that is safer, greener and smarter,” Bhatt said. “You need local ITS Chapters, the people locally who know the markets, to be able to deploy.”

The ITS community provided tremendous support for the event with 81 exhibits of the latest ITS technologies and topics covered during the conference included: autonomous vehicles, connected vehicles, transportation technology and cyber security, and artificial intelligence in transportation.