2016 Scholarship Recipients 


Mr. Amir Ghiasi

Mr. Amir Ghiasi was the recipient of the first place scholarship award. Mr. Ghiasi is a PhD candidate at the University of South Florida. Along with ITE involvement, he currently leads two research tasks on Connected Automated Vehicles (CAV). The first task, sponsored by the FHWA Turner Fairbank Research Center, aims to utilize CAVs to achieve speed harmonization before a freeway bottleneck. He has helped them develop the core CAV trajectory control algorithm, which has been implemented in their full scale test CAVs and will be tested on public roads. The second task, sponsored by National Science Foundation, is to proposed traffic smoothing methods based on CAV trajectory control in mixed traffic on various geometries and highway types. His advisor noted that Mr. Ghiasi has done an excellent job in analyzing human-driven vehicle trajectory behaviors and is in the process of integrating human driving trajectories with the developed CAV control methods.

Mr. Whobi Bin Chung

Mr. Whobi Bin Chung was awarded the second place scholarship. Mr. Chung is a PhD candidate at the University of Central Florida. Mr. Chung has more than ten years of experience with ITS Korea. His advisor describes him as, “one of the outstanding PhD students that I have supervised during my over 20-year academic career”