2013 Award Recipients


ITS Florida is pleased to announce the ITS Florida Champion Of the Year Award recipient for 2013. This award is presented to an individual who has made significant contributions to advance the cause of ITS in Florida. On December 10, Dari Vorce was awarded the ITS Florida Champion Award for her outstanding effort in construction engineering and inspection (CEI) for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Projects in FDOT District Six. She has been a Champion of the ITS industry since the beginning, even as ITS was just emerging and practices were still being standardized. Ms. Vorce has always gone above and beyond to understand the operational complexities of the ITS components in her projects and she helped establish this view as part of her department’s culture.


FDOT District One

FDOT District One’s Traffic Incident Management Team and its leadership by Bill Fuller for successfully conducting Strategic Highway Research Program training.

FDOT District Four

FDOT District Four ITS Unit for deploying a Districtwide power distribution system and installing back-up generators along the I-95 and I-75 corridors to offer a steady power supply for the ITS network.  District Four also implemented a Maintenance of Communication Plan to emphasize continuity of ITS systems during interstate construction projects.

Advanced Protection Technologies, Inc.

Advanced Protection Technologies, Inc. for establishing a customized ITS-specific surge protection training seminar that is provided on an on-going basis to educate FDOT ITS personnel, ITS consultants, and ITS contractors from all over Florida on surge protection issues related to deployment of ITS infrastructure.

The Manatee/Sarasota Traffic Management Center (TMC) 

The Manatee/Sarasota Traffic Management Center (TMC) received a Certificate of Outstanding Achievement.  This unified regional TMC currently manages approximately 414 traffic signals, 150 CCTV cameras, and 60 vehicle detectors that are connected via fiber optic cable and Ethernet communications.  Operators monitor and operate the system via individual workstations and a 15-cube video wall display.

John Beck of the Beck Consulting Group
John Beck of the Beck Consulting Group received a Certificate of Appreciation.  John has been a friend of and advisor to ITS Florida for many years and has assisted us with issues such as the elimination of funding for the Road Rangers, a PPP training course, and meeting our state legislators.