2012 Award Recipients


Chester Chandler has been a staunch leader of ITS in the State of Florida for over 20 years, both on the job—from being the ITS Manager for the Florida Turnpike, the Central Office ITS Program, to currently, District 7—and as an active professional participant. He led the creation of the ITS program in the Florida DOT and guided that program for years, overseeing the first series of ITS Cost Feasible Plans, ensuring that ITS would be part of FDOT Work Program on a regular, annual basis. He is a former president of ITSFL and has initiated a number of important activities of the society. He is eminently deserving of ITS Florida’s highest award, the ITS Florida Presidents’ Award for 2012, and it is fitting that this should come on the 20th anniversary of ITS Florida.


Jim Wolfe, District Four Secretary, has been a strong supporter of traffic operations for many years. ITS is a key tool for optimizing traffic operations. He helped get the transportation systems management and operations (TSM&O) program going in the Florida DOT, and chairs the TSM&O Leadership Team. He instigated the first TSM&O consulting program in Florida, which is now being spread around the DOT. As a result, the DOT is considering how FDOT should be involved in arterial management statewide and developing a TSM&O Business Plan. He led the deployment of the I595 Express Lanes public-private partnership, which is a uniquely innovative approach to PPPs. He likewise championed the extension of the 95Express HOT lanes indo Broward Co., and later into Palm Beach Co. He was instrumental in getting a managed lanes project on I75 from Miami-Dade to I595 in Broward from concept to funded project.


Charles Stratton, Vice President of Traffic Operations and ITS, Metric Engineering, Inc. has dedicated more than 20 years to the advancement of transportation; in particular: ITS design, integration, operations, and ITS construction management. One noteworthy aspect of his experience includes the deployment of the largest continuous detection corridor in the United States, which included the installation of 450 vehicle detection devices installed approximately every ½ mile for the Florida Turnpike Enterprise. Charles also recently managed the City of Orlando Phase 1 ITS CEI Project, working directly with TERL to get full matrix, full color Daktronics Way-finding signs TERL-approved in time for the Amway Center’s grand opening. These signs were monumental in directing heavy event traffic.

Another major contribution Charles has made to the ITS industry is through his active role in facilitating the Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Team activities and TIM initiatives in FDOT District One. This year, for all 3 TIM Teams, Charles successfully implemented the 2012 Annual Statewide Road Ranger Survey for Incident Responders utilizing Turning Point software. This was the first time this anonymous software (which promotes further member participation) has been used in the State of Florida, and served as a “test bed” of sorts for other Districts. He also successfully managed a specialized tour for the 2012 ITS World Congress, which involved a real-time parking study for the City of Orlando that quantified garage occupancy using ultrasonic sensors.


FDOT Central Office Traffic Operations, TSM&O Program Through the establishment and integration of the TSM&O Program on a statewide basis, FDOT has taken significant steps to integrate planning and operations; develop high levels of coordination and communication with local traffic, transit, freight, and other modal entities; maximize the efficiency of existing infrastructure; and make use of tools and data for mobility and safety outcomes. FDOT can therefore expect decreased travel times and increased travel time reliability, fewer incidents and traffic disruptions, reduced congestion and delays, and improved safety. All users of Florida’s multimodal transportation system will experience profound positive long-term impacts as a result of the TSM&O Program.


Gainesville Advanced Traffic Management System
In a recent national survey, Gainesville had the shortest commuting time in Florida, and was ranked 19th nationally among all metropolitan areas, according to Nielsen. This outstanding result is because the City of Gainesville and its surrounding Alachua County are nearing completion of one of the country’s most sophisticated traffic management systems, recognized within Florida and nationally as a state-of-the-art implementation of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) technology.

Traffic Engineering Research Lab (TERL)

The TERL is a product certification body facility within the state of Florida government. It has delegated authority to certify traffic signals and devices (per Florida Statute 316.0745). The TERL, unique to Florida, ensures that traffic signals and devices listed on the FDOT Approved Product List (APL) meet FDOT minimum requirements for products. The TERL’s certification activities include evaluation and certification of many ITS devices used in transportation projects in the state. This project has been a team effort from its inception. Successful implementation has required the critical support of all involved in developing, reviewing, approving, implementing, and, more importantly, complying with the approved procedural documentation. This documentation has resulted in increased operational efficiency and consistency of product certification activities. Routing of certification documents for review and approval is now completely automated and paperless. These internal improvements have led to enhanced customer satisfaction from various TERL customers and partners. This community includes FDOT Districts; county and city maintaining agencies; and contractors, vendors, and consultants doing business in Florida. Additionally, this project enhances TERL’s credibility among product vendors through leading-by-example in the arena of management.

Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Four Intelligent Transportation Service (ITS) Unit for its extremely pro-activeness on issues that affect motorist and responder safety. The US 27/I75 Incident Management Task Force exemplifies this philosophy. The task force was created by FDOT in cooperation with the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) and other partner agencies. The group’s Activation Plan has predefined operational procedures, directing how emergency responders will respond to highway closures due to poor visibility, resulting in improved communications, cooperation and coordination and the rapid deployment of needed resources. The plan also benefits the public by improving traveler information services along key corridors. For taking an innovative, “take-charge” stance to a recurring problem that can potentially save lives and significantly reduce travel delays.

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise  Citizens’ Band Radio Advisory System (CB RAS)

The Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise operates fifteen Citizens Band Radio Advisory System (CB RAS) transmitters at strategic locations along the Turnpike roadways for disseminating information to CB radio users. CB RAS supplements other modes of information dissemination (dynamic message signs, highway advisory radio, 511, public broadcasters) by providing advance warning about lane closures/blockages, severe weather, or other incidents.

The CB RAS is a tool used to reduce congestion and secondary crashes by providing information primarily to overtheroad commercial drivers and truckers. CB RAS requires no action on the part of the driver as the message is broadcast over CB channel 19, the frequency most commonly monitored. The CB RAS provides information for the Turnpike and also for other major roadways and emergency operations on a broader scale.

In Mid2011, the Citizens’ Band Radio Advisory System (CB RAS) expanded from the original 6station pilot program to a total of 15 permanent stations throughout the Turnpike statewide system. The Turnpike’s Traffic Management Center (TMC) is responsible for the daily activation of the stations in realtime for major closures, low visibility conditions, weather emergencies, evacuation events, and interagency coordination events.

Florida Department of Transportation District Six—ITS Web-based Software Maintenance Module
The Florida Department of Transportation District Six Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Office developed an ITS Maintenance Module. This web-based software is a first-in-Florida application that is increasing the district’s network device reliability to help improve the quality of traffic management, incident management and traveler information services it provides to the public. This software is designed to save time and money while improving the quality of services. It was designed to address the ITS Program’s need for device checks and may be used by other Districts statewide.

Martin County TMC

Martin County built a fully functional TMC to withstand Category 5 Hurricanes. There is 52.5 miles of fiber cable throughout the county to monitor its systems using ATMS software. The TMC also incorporated advanced features within the traffic controller to maximize the efficiency of their corridors. They utilize coordination adaptive split algorithm within the controller by time of day which takes unused times during AM and PM peaks times from unused phases and places the extra time on the phases with increased demand. This methodology optimizes the utilization of phase time based on demand to maximize the throughput of vehicles at each intersecting while maintaining coordination along the corridor. 


Ms. Stephanie Hoback, Wavetronix

For the past two years, Wavetronix has been a member that ITS Florida could count on for support. Ms. Stephanie Hoback has been the representative for Wavetronix in Florida and has helped ITS Florida in many ways. Wavetronix has made banners and furnished the banner stand. Stephanie has actively participated in ITS Florida meetings, staffed the ITS Florida booth at trade show events and has provided many other contributions to the organization. The Management at Wavetronix has been extremely supportive of ITS Florida.

Mr. John Brown, Gobal 5 Communications

John Brown has continuously supported ITS Florida. He has provided his expertise for the ITS Florida website, new banner/exhibit display designs, and the Transpo logos. He has participated in previous Transpo events providing as our professional photographer. Since its inception, John Brown has been instrumental in the layout and creation of the ITS Florida calendar. He works quietly behind the scenes on very short deadlines. This would not be possible without the support of the Management at Global5 Communications.