2011 Scholarship Recipients



Mr. Mohamed Ahmed is currently obtaining his PhD in Transportation with an area of concentration of Applications of ITS in Traffic Safety. He is currently enrolled at University of Central Florida where he earned his Masters in 2009. His current GPA is 3.85. He has been a Graduate Teaching and Research Assistant since 2008 and in the fall of 2010 received the “Graduate Teaching Assistant Award”. He has served as the instructor or record for Surveying for undergraduates and continues to work towards making the students enjoy surveying field work. He has practical experience working for more than 7 years in different highway projects on a national and international scale with special emphasis on planning, design, evaluation and rehabilitation of highways.


Mr. Nagesh Nayak is currently pursuing his PhD in Civil Engineering and Transportation with research interests in Airport Capacity, economics and planning. Prior to starting at the University of South Florida, he graduat-ed from the University of Mumbai, India. He has been a Research Assistant and Co-Instructor since 2008. He was awarded the Graduate Research Award and has achieved an outstanding GPA of 3.8 in his endeavors in the field of transportation. He has won the Fred Buggarf Award in 2010 and was the 2009 Anne Brewer Annual Scholarship winner.