2010 Award Recipients

Outstanding Achievement

This is an award given for outstanding service by individuals or organizational units.

Florida Department of Transportation
District Four ITS Unit

Early in 2010, the ITS Unit developed and implemented a new inventory tracking software called the Maintenance Inventory Management System (MIMS). Using the MIMS software, which is already integrated into District Four’s version of SunGuide®, a full inventory can be completed of all of the ITS Unit devices in less than one week, a time reduction of 80% from their original baseline.

John Brown, Global-5 Communications

Global5 Creative Director, John Brown has been the creative force behind increasing ITS Florida’s visibility among Florida’s ITS professionals and their peers around the world. He has created a branded look for the society that instantly positions it as credible, professional and cuttingedge in line with the organization’s goals and values. His work has drawn attention to ITS Florida at transportation professional events throughout the state and has had an impact on how ITS is viewed worldwide. He has volunteered hundreds of hours including the 2010 and 2011 ITS Florida Calendars.

Arun Krishnamurthy, PE

Mr. Arun Krishnamurthy is in charge of ITS software, architecture, and standards. In the past year, along with managing all aspects of this program, Mr. Krishnamurthy has coordinated the development and deployment of the SunGuide® Software, a highly successful statewide advanced traffic management system software.

The successful development and statewide use of this software has provided an estimated monetary savings of $80 million with the standardization of design, development, installation, training, maintenance life cycle, and operations costs. Florida has 14 TMCs using SunGuide®, including FDOT Districts, toll authorities, and local agencies.

This award is to recognize an ITS program, project, or other accomplishments that is of significant benefit to the transportation industry and to the traveling public.

Florida Department of Transportation
District One

The District One ITS Office made several substantial contributions to improving transportation and safety in southwest Florida, including the opening of the Regional Transportation Management Center (RTMC), commonly known as the SouthWest Interagency Facility for Transportation (SWIFT) SunGuide® Center. The opening of the SWIFT Center provided significant benefits to the motoring public along I75 in southwest Florida. In addition, the ITS Office contributed substantially to improving transportation by delivering several major ITS projects and continued to provide great service to its customers in the area of

This award is to recognize that person who has contributed significantly to the ITS community during the past year.

Adam C. Moser, PE
Pinellas County, Public Works Transportation Department

Pinellas County’s SmartTracs Arterial ITS is one of the first system’s to bring full featured ITS onto the arterial roadway network providing for regional traffic management. Mr. Adam Moser is responsible for the design, project management and construction management of the SmartTracs corridor projects included in the County’s 5 year capital improvement . Once completed these projects will triple the size of the County’s current system.
Adam has provided innovations in the design area by developing a Pinellas County ATMS/ITS Design Guide and hosted meetings with the County’s ATMS design consultants. Through this effort the plans preparation process is now more consistent and saves the County, FDOT and the consultant’s time and money in the design and review process.
Adam is also involved directly with ITS Florida taking on the chairmanship of the Technical Solutions Subcommittee last year.

This award may be given to an individual who has made significant contributions to advance the cause of ITS in Florida.

Rory J. Santana, PE
FDOT District 6

Mr. Rory Santana has excelled in every aspect of his role. He spearheaded the launch of the southbound express lanes and successfully led the completion of Phase1B in MiamiDade County. He oversaw the development of critical project concept and components and effectively equipped his team to manage the additional southbound operations. As a result of his efforts, the project now offers a direct crosscounty transit service that has significantly increased person throughput on Interstate 95 as well as enhanced operations for the incident management, public outreach and congestion mitigation services it provides. Rory’s leadership continues to help materialize the goals envisioned for the 95 Express, but it is his longstanding passion for the improvement of Florida’s transportation system that is driving the project to exceed public benefits and expectations.


This award recognizes superior career achievements in ITS and extraordinary service to ITS Florida.

Jay Calhoun, PE
The VANUS Group of Gannett Fleming

Mr. Jay Calhoun has been one of the most active members of ITS Florida He was a Director at Large in 20002001. When the Secretary/Treasurer in 2004 decided not to remain an officer, Jay stepped in and was elected VicePresident in 2005, then served as President and Past President in the next two years. He has been a willing volunteer over the years, serving in a number of committees. He is Chairman of Transpo2010. He attends most ITSA Annual Meetings and has participated in the State Chapters strengthening Workshop. Whenever ITS Florida needs a steady hand to lead a diverse number of activities, Jay has stepped in and been quietly effective in the success of that activity and ITS Florida.