2008 Award Recipients

Outstanding Achievement Awards.

The Outstanding Achievement award is an “open-ended” class of award that is given by ITS Florida for outstanding service by individuals or organizational units.  At Transpo2008 on September 24th, ITS Florida presented three Outstanding Achievement Awards for 2007.

Mr. Justin Begley is the Project Manager for Hillsborough Area Regional Transit’s $10 million ITS project.  He was responsible for managing the Systems Integrator from contract negotiations through design and project implementation over a 24 month contract term.  The project is a bundled procurement for CAD/AVL, radio communications, mobile and fixed camera security, automated on board next stop announcements, automated passenger counting and advanced traveler information system.

Mr. Steven Corbin is the FDOT District 4 ITS Operations Manager.  He single handedly conceptualized and organized a joint, four (4) day conference between the TRB Freeway Operations Committee and IBTTA with over 300 delegates from all over the world, over 150 speakers and moderators, several key speakers including 2 retired U.S. Army Generals and the President of ITS America, 26 exhibitor/vendor booths, networking events, technical tours and  other activities.  Mr. Corbin’s actions and leadership were key to this conference being held in Florida in June 2008.

Mr. Julio Orozco of FDOT District 6, has led the effort to provide redundant fiber access for FDOT into and out of the Network Access Point (NAP) of the Americas through a public-public communication agreement with Miami-Dade County.  The NAP of the Americas is a 750,000 square foot, Category 5 hurricane rated, data center access point for over 59 telecommunication carriers providing the majority of  communication switching traffic to and from 148 Nations.  Julio’s activities included engineering a co-location within the Miami-Dade County suite and implementing  servers with SunGuidetm  software to act as the District’s disaster recovery site.  The NAP implementation allows District 6 or any FDOT TMC with SunGuidetm software the ability to provide disaster recovery services from any location within the state.

ITS Professional of the Year Award

The ITS Professional of the Year award recognizes a person, or persons who has contributed significantly to the Intelligent Transportation System community during the past year.  The person nominated significantly contributes to the ITS mission and goals of ITS Florida.

The criteria for the ITS Professional of the Year Award include:

1)      the person has contributed to ITS mission;

2)      the person has been instrumental in project management, project completion, project planning, development of planning, financial or other strategies; and

3)      the person has had a key role in some significant program or project, which may include activities of ITS Florida itself.

The 2007 ITS Professional of the Year Award recipient is Javier Rodriguez – FDOT – District 6 ITS Operations Engineer.

Javier Rodriguez has transformed the Traffic Management Center (TMC) operations in District 6 from a reactive to a proactive style of operations.  Significant improvements in both quality control and high frequency of Dynamic Messaging Systems (DMS) messaging have been achieved.  This is especially important as District 6 embarks on two major new initiatives:  ramp metering and variable toll managed lanes.  The improved efficiency in TMC operations will enable operations staff to take on the new challenges and provide best practices to other TMCs in the state and nation.

ITS Champion Award

The ITS Champion award is given to an individual who has made significant contributions to advance the cause of ITS in Florida.  This award is given only for rare and conspicuous service.

The 2007 ITS Champion Award recipient is John Easterling, P.E., Traffic Operations Engineer Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise.

Mr. Easterling has been instrumental in the promotion of ITS through the area of Rapid Incident Scene Clearance Program (RISC).  He has been involved with the Operations Academy and other organizations and has made many presentations to ITS groups in Florida and other states.  He has demonstrated very effective leadership in deploying a vast ITS System throughout the 460 miles of the Turnpike System and participated in other outstanding programs that promote ITS throughout the State and Nation.